Maybe you recently received information about this website through your parish bulletin, email, or social media. This website will help you learn how planning a gift to your parish, school, or ministry in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas can save you taxes and generate income for you and/or your heirs.  You might be asking, Where do I start? 

Perhaps the easiest way to make a gift of your retirement assets through your estate is through what is known as a bequest. A bequest designates a beneficiary to receive an asset. It is a short statement that is included in your Will and Testament. We have provided Bequest Language that you can use for your gift to any parish, school, or ministry in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas. It includes the Archdiocesan Tax ID# which would be used no matter which Call to Share funded ministry, parish or school you are designating as a beneficiary.
This website also offers a Wills Planner. The Wills Planner offers donors access to an online account portal that will guide you through a discussion of issues related to the creation of a complete estate plan. There are even helpful videos along the way. When using the Wills Planner you enter the data necessary to provide information to your attorney or another estate planning advisor to aid in the preparation of a will and/or trust, including with respect to including charitable bequests in such documents, healthcare directives, and powers of attorney.
Thank you for discerning a planned gift to the Church in Northeast Kansas. If we can answer any questions about the process, please email  PlannedGiving@archkck.org.